What To Expect

If this is your first visit to an infusion center, you may be scared or overwhelmed that you need infusion therapy. We will describe here how the process works at TCIDA.

  1. Your doctor sends an order for the infusion.
  2. Once TCIDA receives your doctor’s order, TCIDA will get approval from your insurance company. The time it takes to receive approval varies by insurance company.
  3. Once TCIDA has insurance approval, TCIDA will get your medicine, which can take a couple of days or less, and get you scheduled.
  4. You come in for your infusion. The length of your infusion will depend on the medication and the dosage. Since TCIDA administers a large number different infusions for various conditions, there is no “typical” infusion timeline. Regardless of medication, however, our infusion center is safe and the environment is relaxed. Typically, patients that come to the infusion center for regular infusions are being treated for conditions that are NOT contagious.
    • A short infusion could be 30 minutes
    • A long infusion could take several hours
    • An average infusion is somewhere in between 30 minutes and several hours.